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We first saw Rebecca on when she auditioned at the Liverpool X-Factor audition. During her pre-audition interview she broke down into tears as she retold her story of how she came to be there. It has always been her dream to sing but when she fell pregnant with her first child this appeared to be the end of her singing ambition.

She sang "A Change Is Gonna Come" at her audition and blew away the judges of Louis Walsh, Nicole Scherzinger and Simon Cowell as all three gave her a "yes". She has flown through the live shows and never once found herself in the bottom two and was one of the final four of the contest

Rebecca made is all the way to the final two of the show having beaten off stiff competition from Cher Lloyd and boyband One Direction to face Matt. Unfortunately it was not to be as the series long favourite, Matt Cardle, took the 2010 X-factor crown but runners-up spot is no mean feat and with a voice like Rebecca's- who knows what the future holds!

Rebecca Ferguson and Christina Aguilera sing "Beautiful":


Latest Rebecca Ferguson News:

Rebecca performs at the London International Boat Show

09/01/11- Looking dazzling in a floor length sequined gown and lace headpiece, Rebecca entertained the crowds at the ExCel in East London for the London International Boat Show. Looking fresh since she opted to spend Christmas in Liverpool with her family it was the first time we have seen her live since the fantastic New year's Eve gig at Koco. Rebecca will be back in Liverpool from the 8th-10th of March when the X-factor tour comes to the Echo Arena.


Has Rebecca landed a recording contract with Cowell's Syco label?

17/12/10- Lot's and lot's or rumours doing the rounds this morning but (touch wood) it may be the case that Rebecca Ferguson has been signed up by Simon Cowell along with One Direction and Cher Lloyd. We wait with baited breath for an official announcement.


Rebecca hugs Matt CardleMatt Cardle is King as he wins the X-Factor 2010 but Rebecca is still our Queen!

12/12/10- Congratulations to Matt, but also HUGE congratulations to Rebecca on coming second. She has done fantastically well and we're all very, very proud of her. Full details to follow shortly...


Breaking News- One Direction are out! It's between Rebecca and Matt Cardle- COME ON!

12/12/10- One Direction have been eliminated (much to Simons annoyance!) and so it's a straight fight between Rebecca Ferguson and Matt Cardle to win the 2010 X-Factor crown.


Cher Lloyd is eliminated at Rebecca faces One Direction and Matt Cardle in final

11/12/10- There was no interference from the judges tonight as the first contestant eliminated from the finals was done purely on the number of public votes received. Cher Lloyd received the fewest and so will not be joining Rebecca, Matt and One Direction tomorrow night. Keep the votes coming for our girl!


Part one of X-Factor final tonight and there will only be 3 contestants in tomorrow's show!

11/12/10- After the controversy of having a sing-off last week (in that many complained the show's format hadn't been properly explained beforehand as usually it is a straight elimination in the semi-final) the X-Factor have revealed early on that a contestant WILL be leaving at the end of tonight's show.

Also, there are a lot of rumours as to what Rebecca's song choices will be tonight- here are just a few that we've heard off: "Just Like A Star", "A Change Is Gonna Come" and it seems a cert that she will sing "Beautiful" with Christina Aguilera. Be sure to watch tonight from 7pm and remember to vote!


Christina Aguilera to duet with RebeccaChristina Aguilera to duet with Rebecca on final X-Factor show!

09/12/10- The star duets for the final show were revealed today at a special press conference. Rebecca will be welcoming Christina Aguilera on stage for what will be a fantastic combination of two fantastic voices.

Matt Cardle will be dueting with Rihanna, Cher is being teamed up with her one-time bootcamp mentor and One Direction will take to the stage with Robbie Williams. Who said Saturday night TV was dull these days?


Through to the final! Rebecca Ferguson is through to the X-Factor Final!

05/12/10- Well that's it, she's done it. Rebecca is through to the 2010 X-Factor final where she will be joined by Matt Cardle. Cher Lloyd and One Direction.

Mary Byrne fell before the final hurdle as she found herself in the bottom two alongside Cher Lloyd. After the sing-off Mary only received 1 vote (from her mentor Louis) whilst the other 3 judges opted to send Cher into the final show. It's a really strong competition this year and Rebecca really will need all of her fans support come this weekend so remember to vote!


Rebecca sings Amazing Grace on Semi-Final"Amazing Grace" for the second song and it's... amazing- frankly!

04/12/10- For her second choice of the night, Rebecca sang "Amazing Grace" and sang it absolutely out of this world. To quote Simon Cowell after her performance "that was absolutely stunning from beginning, middle to end"- surely she's done enough to get into the final? Click here to watch it again and get voting!


Rebecca sings Show Me Love on Semi-FinalPart One of the semi-final and Rebecca sings "Show Me Love"

04/12/10- Originally a hit for Robin S back in 1993, Rebecca put her own twist on it tonight and it went down a storm with the judges. All four judges showered her with praise and as Danni Minogue said- "That was brilliant". Click here to see the performance again.


It's goodbye to Katie and Wagner as Rebecca is safely through to next week

28/11/10- Rebecca Ferguson is through to next week and the semi-finals of X-Factor as we saw a double eviction this week and finally said goodbye to Wagner and Katie.


Rock Night Rebecca sings "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" and "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" on Rock night.

27/11/10- It was "Rock" night tonight on the X-Factor and Rebecca did well singing the U2 classic "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" and did even better when she sang "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" by The Rolling Stones. Watch them again and leave some comments by clicking the links


Rebecca prepares to go a bit more "upbeat" for Rock night

25/11/10- It's been confirmed that this weekends X-Factor will be dedicated to the world of ROCK! Last year we saw Lucie Jones take on Guns N' Roses and Joe McElderry sang Journey. How will Rebecca Ferguson cope with being taken out of (what many would perceive) her comfort zone? One way to find, watch on Saturday night from 7.45 to see her sing 2 (TWO) songs.


Paije Richardson is eliminated as Cher survives the judges vote!

21/11/10- Wow what a night and what a surprise! Rebecca Ferguson is safe (that's not the surprise!) but Katie and Wagner have also both survived until next week as neither were in the bottom two after the public vote- that unwelcome honour was spared for Paije Richardson and Cher Lloyd, both acts having never found themselves in this position before.

The judges sided with Cher by 3 to 1 with Louis effectively saving her as he had the deciding vote meaning that Paije was eliminated. That means that Danni (along with Simon) only has one act left, Matt Cardle, in the competition.


Singing Yesterday by the Beatles"Yesterday" sung by Rebecca today on the X-Factor.

20/11/10- Pat on the back for us, we got the song right! Yup, Rebecca sung a moving version of one of the biggest Beatles' song ever- "yesterday". Looking slightly nervous (as Simon was quick to point out) she looked the part in a long red dress. However, after last weeks shock eviction no one is safe, so if you want Rebecca to keep going you know what to do! Click here to watch her singing "Yesterday" again.


Which "Fab Four" song will Rebecca be singing tomorrow - it's the Beatles night!

19/11/10- When you think about it, it's amazing that they've never done one before but tomorrow night will be dedicated purely to the songs of the Beatles. So from four Liverpudlians of the past to one gorgeous Liverpudlian of the present and future (ooh it's just like a scouse Christmas Carol!) what will Miss Ferguson be singing tomorrow night? Unconfirmed reports say it might be "Yesterday" but with a back catalogue as vast as the Beatles it's anyone's guess.


Shock elimination as Aiden Grimshaw is eliminated and Katie Waissel survives again

14/11/10- Aiden was one of the early favourites for this years show but tonight he was sensationally eliminated from the X-Factor as Katie somehow managed to stay in for yet another week.

It was a debut for Aiden to be in the bottom two but for Katie it was the fourth time this series that she has found herself in this position. As the judges could not decide who to send home it went down to who had received the fewest votes which meant Aiden was sent packing. A lesson learnt for his fans, if you don't vote for your favourite...


Candle In The Wind Rebecca sings possibly Elton John's most famous song- "Candle In The Wind"

13/11/10- well last weeks song may not have been known by everyone but tonight's more than made up for that. Singing perhaps Elton John's most famous of songs (and he's got a lot!), Rebecca looked more like a guest star as she sang Candle In The Wind


Make You Feel My LoveAmerican Anthems night and Rebecca sings "Make You Feel My Love"

06/11/10- Maybe not one of Bob Dylan's most famous of songs but Rebecca did the song very proud tonight. Again she received fantastic comments from all judges with Simon saying that she would make an "incredible ambassador for this country". Watch tonights' performance by clicking here


Wicked Game on HalloweenRebecca sings the classic Chris Isaak "Wicked Game" for Halloween

30/10/10- Vamped up to the max, Rebecca Ferguson took to the stage tonight and belted out a fantastic version of "Wicked Game". The song was originally a hit back in 1989 for Chris Isaak.

All four judges showered her with praise with Simon Cowell saying that she was reminding him of when Leona Lewis was on the show. Watch Rebecca sing Wicked Game here


Rebecca Ferguson sings Why Don't You Do Right"This is the night when you turned into a star"

23/10/10- Those were the words that Simon spoke after Rebecca sang "Why Don't You Do Right" on tonights X-Factor.

Looking gorgeous in her long red dress, Rebecca sang the song which is probably best known for being made famous by Peggy Lee back in 1942 (although it's roots go all the way back to 1936 when it was written by Kansas Joe McCoy). Watch the video by clicking here.


Feeling Good"Feeling Good" sung by Rebecca Ferguson on second live show

16/10/10- Best known for the Nina Simone version, Rebecca wowed the judges this week with her rendition of the classic "Feeling Good".

Danni thought beforehand that her song choice may have been a risk as it could become too clichéd and overdone but she thought Rebecca had done a great job in making it sound fresh and new. Louis thought that tonight's performance shows that she has star quality. Judge for yourself and watch the video by clicking here


TeardropsFirst live X-Factor show and Rebecca sings "Teardrops"

09/10/10- Watch the video here





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July 6, 2011 @ 12:31am

"The best performer and singer to come out of any talent search including american Idol! The ease and grace that comes across when you sing are rare qualities. Your song interpretative abilities are astounding. you may very well be the one of the best singers in the world today. Look forward to your CD release. "

Peter C:
June 18, 2011 @ 6:15pm

"Rebecca, I regularly play recordings of all your entries in X-Factor, from first audition to the Final - and every time your reduce me to tears, your beautiful voice tugs at the heart of everyone. Please, please let us all have the opportunity of buying your album soon. From loving admirer, aged 72!!"

June 17, 2011 @ 10:24pm

"I am a massive Rebecca fan, and have been right from the very start. A handful of people have something very special that most of us just don't have, and Rebecca is one of those very, very special people. I absolutely love her voice and how down to earth she is. She just doesn't seem to have a bloody clue just how damn brilliant she is. If she ever gets round to it, she will crack America will Rebecca - without doubt - that's how good she is. I was absolutely gutted when she finished second to Matt, as she was in a different league to him in my opinion."

Olivia x:
May 17, 2011 @ 3:15pm

"Hello have to write a biography of someone famous from liverpool (I'm from there myself) i picked you but don't know much about you tell me some facts about you like your mum and dads name? what primary school you went to ? and your birthday ? just some interesting facts x Olivia x"

April 1, 2011 @ 11:39am

"I am so glad you are writing your own songs Rebecca, because you have such a beautiful heart and I know the songs will be just as beautiful as you are and come from the heart. You sing every song so beautifully, your delivery is flawless. Love you so much babe, can't wait for the album and the concerts. Remember to always put God first. He blessed you so much. "

March 28, 2011 @ 10:18pm

"I am totally captivated by you and your voice. You are an absolute treasure. I can't wait for your album and concerts. I'll be in the front row. Seriously, you can be one of the greatest Blues/Jazz/Soul singer ever Rebecca. I don't think you realize just how much you affect people with your grace and that gorgeous, perfect voice. The sky truly is the limit for you, Rebecca. "

March 22, 2011 @ 7:37pm

"Rebecca you are amazing and beautiful, both your voice and as a person. I listen in wonder,then I get goose pimples then I have tears in my eyes. Maria Callas is the only other person that has done that. Can't believe I have to wait until November for your album. Good luck and Simon look after her."

March 14, 2011 @ 3:03pm

"When is your album coming out Rebecca? You are one very special, gracious, graceful, elegant, humble, beautiful talented young woman. Your voice makes me melt and your style is so unique. You really are a star, the only downside is the waiting. Candle in the wind was hauntingly beautiful and I agree, you looked more like the guest star than a contestant. Shine girl!"

March 13, 2011 @ 9:03pm

"distant dreamer amazing please release this "

March 12, 2011 @ 7:21pm

"Rebecca, you're the best. I love your voice! "

Deborah from Cambridge:
March 11, 2011 @ 10:14pm

"Beautiful voice, beautiful person. The whole family just love your songs. Can't wait for your Album! Please post some news!!"

Lee from essex:
February 21, 2011 @ 1:32pm

"Please please release your version of distant dreamer absolutely loved it better than Duffy "

February 11, 2011 @ 11:53am

"I never write on these things, but there's always a first time! Your voice has haunted me since I first heard you on XFactor and I keep checking the internet to see if you have recorded anything. Please, please make an album soon. Love you girl xxx"

February 8, 2011 @ 7:19am

"I'd watched you from beginning till end in X Factor and with every performance you've made, you've always bring us to another level of musicality with your angelic voice. I can't wait for your debut CD. Many of us are eagerly waiting especially those who are keen on listening to jazz songs, old classics and discos. As Simon said you've got a heck of a recording voice. For me, you're a world class recording artist to emerge and I'm so excited to buy your debut album."

February 6, 2011 @ 7:57pm

"You captivated me completely, your voice is amazing, world class, but more than that you show a modesty that is becoming and a natural beauty. You will without doubt achieve world wide stardom which you richly deserve.he whole world will love you as I do. and your music as they are."

Luis from Mexico:
February 2, 2011 @ 5:20pm

"Hi, I'm the biggest Rebecca's fan in Mexico, I've downloaded every song she sang in live shows and i cant stop listening in my car, I love rebecca's voice, talent, and as a nice woman, can't wait for her album. Love from Mexico."

February 1, 2011 @ 4:43pm

"Rebecca, many, many congratulations on your recording contract with Epic. Loved everything about you on the X Factor, you are absolutely outstanding in every way and I loved all of your performances, especially Satisfaction. Look forward to seeing you in concert when you start touring!"

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